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Half-Life maps

Most of these maps are for Half-Life Deathmatch, multiplayer mode for very old game called Half-Life by Valve. I have spend lots of time on these maps, the longest project taking over year to finish.


[Image: Squidyard]

Medium size map. Inspired by original valve deathmatch maps.

Half-Life Deathmatch:
squidyard.zip (540kB)


[Image: Varrock]

Large medival town at morning.
Inspired by Runescape and Varrock town(in Runescape) by Jagex

Half-Life Deathmatch:
UPDATED ON 5.7.2007: Removed player_equip entity. This broke map with Severians mod (players didn't spawn with shotgun).

Map works with those players that have downloaded earlier version from server aka this is entity only update.

varrock_updated.zip (4.69MB)


[Image: Lacitrev]

  • Made for Hot Death Diner's XMas(2002) Mapping Contest
  • Jungle/Cliff map with caves and temple thing

Half-Life Severians Mod:
UPDATED ON 2008/08/24: Removed player_equip entity. This broke map with Severians mod (players didn't spawn with shotgun). Also added longjump at some spawn points as player_equip did give longjump on spawn.

Map works with those players that have downloaded earlier version from server aka this is entity only update.

lacitrev_sevs_fix.zip (1.99MB)

Half-Life Deathmatch (with player_equip):
lacitrev.zip (1.99MB)


[Image: Zeroceromon]

Medium lab-style map.

Half-Life Deathmatch:
zeroceromon.zip (744kB)
Opposing Force Capture The Flag:
op4ctf_zeroceromon.zip (1.32MB)


[Image: Teyemanon]

Night-industrial themed arena map.
Made in one day :D (It doesn't mean that it is bad)

Half-Life Deathmatch:
teyemanon.zip (148kB)

Sky Arena

[Image: Sky Arena]

  • rc_skyarena.bsp -- Arena Gamemode
  • rc_skyarena_dm.bsp -- Deathmatch Gamemode

rc_skyarena.zip (around 400kB)


[Image: Templecore]

  • Datacore style indoor area with temple-enterance.
  • Cliff outdoor area with brick house and turret.

Half-Life Deathmatch:
hullu5dm_templecore.zip (1.93MB)

Enura Arena

[Image: Enura]

Small arena

Half-Life Deathmatch:
enura.zip (489kB)

Peruskoulu 1.5

[Image: Peruskoulu 1.5]

School building with large duckt system. Highschool hell ;D

Opposing Force Deathmatch (works with Half-Life too!):
op4_peruskoulu15.zip (1.94MB)

StorageArea 1.0

[Image: op4ctf_StorageArea 1.0]

LAN sized Opposing Force CTF map.

Opposing Force Capture The Flag:
op4ctf_storagearea.zip (499kB)

Map for Angel 1

Half-Life Deathmatch:
map_for_angel_1.zip (163kB)


[Image: Kontit 1.1]

Storagearea with cargos

Half-Life Deathmatch:
kontit11.zip (272kB)
Opposing Force Deathmatch:
op4kontit12.zip (278kB)

RedShadow 1.1

[Image: RedShadow 1.1]

My first Half-Life map, not very good.

Half-Life Deathmatch:
redshadow11.zip (273kB)

Tunnel Episode for "Duke Nukem 3D"

1. Episode (Single player/DM/COOP)

Levels: Subway, Alien Town, Trap

2. Episode (DM)

Levels: Tunnel & town, Studio, Starship Alpha 4, Space Station, Kuilu

tunnelep.zip (371kB)
(!It's highly recommended to install Duke3D in new directory and install Tunnel Episode over there!)

Metamod plugins

Check metamod homepage for info about metamod. These plugins don't have any kind of warranty or official support. Not all of the plugins are listed on this page, you find rest of theim from files-directory.

WON2Steam Log Fixer 1.1

Fixes old 3rd party mods that are still trying to use WON-Ids for log strings. This plugin will replace obsolete wonids with steamids.

Tested with Sevs mod.

won2steam_logfixer-1.1.zip (7kB, win32 and linux-i386)

source: won2steam_logfixer-1.1-src.zip

Playername 2.81


Shows name of targeted player. In teamplay shows text with different color for enemies and teammates. Customable placement, colors and text formats. Supports HLDM, OpFor, TFC, CS 1.5, DMC, DOD.

playername_mm-2.81.zip (46kB)

source: playername_source-2.81.zip

Lasersight 3.10

Adds weapon laser sights in multiplayer game.

lasersight_mm-3.10.zip (82kB)

source: lasersight_source-3.10.zip

Spawn & Chat Protection 2.01


Protects players that have spawned and who are chatting(facing wall) by giving they no-damage-mode.

sc-prot_mm-2.01-linux.zip (12kB)
sc-prot_mm-2.01-win32.zip (11kB)

source: sc-prot_mm-2.01-src.rar

Eye 1.2

  • Shows view of other player to admin.
  • Password function with setinfo.
eye_mm-1.2.zip (12.5kB)

source: eye_source-1.2.zip

Ghost Mine Block 1.0

    Blocks 'ghost mines' and 'ghost nades' by fixing two bugs found in HLDM gamedll and HL engine.
ghost_mine_block_mm-1.0.zip (10.8kB)(win32, linux-i386, linux-amd64)

source: ghost_mine_block_source-1.0.zip